Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2011 USBCHA National Cattledog Finals

We would like to thank everyone that worked so hard to make the 2011 National Cattledog Finals possible, especially Bob Johnson, Greg Sharp of Corner Solutions and all of the set out riders that Wayne rode with on Thursday and Friday making the event one of the most memorable one for Wayne. Many people volunteered their time, more then one handler expressed their gratitude and that this event was the best National Finals that they had ever attended.

2011 USBCHA National

Cattledog Nursery Champion
Jerry Davis owner/handler of Juanita being congratulated by

Greg Sharp of Corner Solutions, Inc.

Wayne and Jake had a great showing, they qualified for the Double Lift Finals which was held on Sunday and ended up placing 12th. Wayne had a few glitches, no fault of Jake's that held him out of the top 10, including a loss of communication with Jake during the first fetch leg. Jake, unable to hear Wayne's commands and not knowing where Wayne wanted the cattle proceeded to drive them right toward Wayne taking them through a drive panel instead of cross driving them to the proper fetch panel. They eventually made their way to the OK Corral where Wayne was assessed a penality for a rule infraction.

We arrived home late Sunday evening, early Monday morning Wayne and Jake were out working on their whistles, Wayne realizes that something that he could have worked on prevented him from not only placing higher but also prevented him from winning, I don't think that he will let it happen again.

Jake showed that he knew what he was doing when it comes to controlling cattle, I don't think there was any point that he lost control of his charges. He also showed that a dog can make cattle move without upsetting them or bitting heels. We have allowed Jake to develop his technique of accelerating cattle via addressing the front end, either by accelerating toward the cows eye or bitting a front foot. Though his cows never broke into a trot, they did go and he was able to maintain constent control over their direction.

Now we prepare for our Stock Dog Training and Low Stress Livestock Handling clinic presented by Marc Christopher. Marc has been instrumental in Jake's success this past weekend, without his advice and guidance I believe we would still be floundering around in the novice ranks. For the heck of it I went through results from past National Finals, only one other Iowa handler (Jeff Mundorf with Luke) has placed as high or higher then Wayne and Jake at the National Cattledog Finals.

Some of the members of the set out crew

Jake lifting the cattle off the salt block

Jake taking them through the Y-Chute

They walk right on through

Next was lining them up for the Key Hole, the tan steer was thinking about not moving over.

Here's a close up of what Jake had to say about it.

Jake has moved him over, way over and now is holding them in the mouth of the Key Hole