Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Duck - Sheep - Duck - Cow - Duck...poor Jake

This past weekend was a busy one for us, it began on Friday evening at the River City Expo in Council Bluffs, Iowa where Jake and I presented a herding demonstration with our Indian Runner Ducks. Saturday Morning we competed at the Winter Warm up Sheep Dog trial near Elkhorn, Nebraska, Jake and I placed 3rd, yippee, one place out of earning USBCHA points, go figure.

We then rushed back to Council Bluffs for a Saturday afternoon demonstration....with ducks. Then turned around to go back to Elkhorn Sunday morning to trial on Cattle. I still don't know how we ended up, as soon as our run was over we were loading up to once again return to Council Bluffs for our last Duck demonstration.

Jake and I are both bushed!!! I am really pleased as to how Jake handled all the stock changes, he took it in stride and adjusted as needed. The sheep were challenging some dogs couldn't get them lifted. The cattle were difficult, they didn't want to stay together and took on the dogs. The duck...well, the ducks got smart.

We are preparing now for an ice storm, here are some pictures of our trees that are covered in hoar frost, I just pray the frost melts off before the ice accumulates. I moved all the vehicles out from under the trees, I'll be surprised if we don't lose some good size limbs.