Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Truck & Trailer For Sale

1987 Mack CS300 - 162,088 original miles

engine- 538 cu. in, 215 hp at 2300 rmp

(largest engine available for that model of truck)

Transmission - Allison MT643 4 speed automatic with low gear lock, also ability to downshift for engine breaking (no Jakebrake)

Rear end - eaton 4.62 ratio

tires - 11 r22.5 front tires have 10,000 miles

Rear tires are over 50%

1988 Tracer - Slant load

9 H capable with side and rear ramps- Midtack divider removable and can be set from 4 horse up to 9 horse

Tri-axle - 10,000 lb axles with oil bath hubs

Air over Hydraulic Brakes

8.25/15 tires (lowboy tube tires)

10 foot living quarter - cold water sink, AC, cabinets

cowboy shower with toilet in mid-tack utilizing portable black water tank

Hog Dog

Before I could get the coffee pot going this morning the phone rings, it's Wayne on his way to work, "Baby pigs loose along the road". So, I throw on my shoes, grabbed Jake, some light metal grate and my camera, jumped in the truck heading south about 4 miles. As I come over a hill I see a pink blob in the middle of my lane, a car is coming toward me, the driver flashing his lights to get my attention. As I pull up the man in the car, a nice spanking new Audi states "Pigs in the road!"

Right to work I go, first sending Jake to move them to the side of the road with the help of the Audi man and his friend and then to get the grate to set up a quick pen to ease the baby pigs into.

Poor little buggers just huddle together not knowing what to do, luckily Jake is patient and calm and everyone including Jake apply just enough pressure to move them toward the pen with out panicing them. As this is happening I'm able to get close enough to leg one, took it to the truck and grabbed the camera.

I ended up legging a couple more, mangaged to get bit by another, yes the little buggers bite, good thing their needle teeth have been clipped.

A few minutes later the 5 little pigs were all huddled in the back of my truck

I sent Jake in to move the pigs to the tailgate so that I could get them moved to the barn. Problem is...they are not dog broke and don't understand that they need to move from Jake. Along the road with traffic coming past was not the place to let the dog try to break the piglets, they could end up panicking and running blind.

In an effort to get the pigs to understand that they should move off of Jake he alternates between light nose nips and bumping the pigs with the side of his nose. Jake very rarely heels, he has developed his own method of getting stock to understand that they need to move off of his presence.

Soon he has the pigs moving away from him freely but not in a panic.

Safe and sound in our barn