Thursday, September 16, 2010

For Sale - Red Female ACD

Dottie is a 3 year old unregistered daughter of our foundation male Indy out of a blue female. She has produced one litter of pups for us of which we have kept a male and female.

Dottie has natural balance and cover, hits a heel only as hard as needed. We have used her for calf chores. She has a stop, verbal directions but prefers hand signals/body language.

She is house broke, crate trained, is acustom to a chain tie and travelling. Would make a good agility prospect also. Price is negotiable to the right home.

Patti - getting into the puppy grove

Introducing, Patti!!!!

8 week old Patti jointed us this past week at the Murray Cattledog Trial. Back a few weeks we were alerted of an accidental breeding resulting in a litter of three pups. The sire is a son of Roy Taber's Craig, the dam is a red female that used to be trialed on both cattle and sheep, we have seen her work and like alot of what she does. Her biggest contribution is trainability. The litter consisted of two males and one female, as luck would have it the little female was the boldest and bravest, so we reserved her for ourselves.

She's been doing just great, playing with the big dogs like a trooper and is already sleeping through the night in a crate. Ricky thinks that she is the best thing since the invention of sliced bread.

She loves water, on Monday she went to town with me where we did a potty break at the city park. Off she went to plunge into the town square fountain, there was a lady there with some kids, only letting the kids play in the water with their hands, really wanting to play in it instead. Imagine their dismay when the puppy was able to jump in and splash while they had to refrain.

Patti got to meet a lot of new people, she runs right to them when they call her or get her attention. Upon meeting little kids she went a bit submissive and silly. I've not seen any indication of fear of other dogs, but she also is not obnoxious, she has really nice manners and does not seem to offend other dogs waiting for them to accept her and leaving if they don't.

When we got home Patti ran to the low sheep tank, pulled herself up for a drink and then right over and in. Totally submerged herself, didn't panic or get scared, jumped out and proceeded to buzz around the yard at full speed all excited.

At this point I'm only keeping about 1/2 inch of water in the water dish in the house, less to clean up when the little fart decides to go swimming and splashing after getting a drink.

Can't wait to see what Patti grows up to be. We already have alternate plans for her in the case that she does not make as a working dog. A good friend of ours has asked us to look for a agility prospect for her with a great temperment and would prefer a pup with some age on it. I think little Patti would bring joy to any home.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The puppies have arrived

Rosie (Bea x Jake 2009)

Sorry for the delayed announcement, but...."They are here!!" Bea had her pups, 7 total, at 12:30 am on August 30th. They are starting to show signs of hearing my voice and openning their eyes.

We look forward to watching the little tykes develop over the next 8 weeks.

We are also anxiously awaiting another new arrival, we have secured a little female pup from John Overholtzer of Tingley, Iowa. We have not met her yet but have been told that she is the boldest pup in the litter, we will meet her and bring her home on Sunday when we are at the Murray Cattle Dog Trials. The pup's dam belongs to Chrisman Farms, John has trialed her on both cattle and sheep and uses her on the farm, the sire is a young male that John acquired from Roy Tabor. This was not a planned breeding, more of the kids accidently letting the dogs out together at the wrong time, but the right breeding is behind both parents.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

As Time Flies By

Here is the latest news and some shots of Ricky a 1 year old son of Jake. He's our Nursery Dog prospect, he has no problem heeling and is willing to hit a nose, though we don't see the cattle giving him much opportunity, even when down in Missouri last weekend on big cows. Wayne said that nothing wanted to contront him, he is very purposeful when approaching cattle.
If I could just get Ricky to no be in quite so big of a hurry to grab hold...rotten bugger

Ricky Walking Straight onto the calves, they really are not interested in dealing with him

Ricky Taking Flank, I have to working on that shoulder drop

Ricky peeling the calves of f of the fence

Ricky Driving the calves down the fenceline.

This summer has been an absolute whirlwind. The last time I posted we had just began our little parade and festival tour, well an appearance here an there morphed into nearly a full time job. We ended up appearing at the following events:

Ellsworth Days
Williams 4th of July Celebration
North Iowa Fair
Popejoy Festival
Prairie Home Antique Tractor Show
Farm Progress Show

Events yet to come... Celtic Festival, Cedar Rapids and The Bridges of Madison County Festival at Winterset, Iowa.

Right now we are focused on the upcoming Iowa Stock Dog Association Open Handler Finals, I qualified in the Sheep division with Jake and Wayne made it in the Cattle Division, also with Jake. In effort to make life easier I relinquished my handling duties to Wayne for the sheep division so that I can focus on running the event which will be this coming Saturday at the Clark County Fairgrounds, Osceola, IA.

On Sunday we move over to Murray, Iowa where we have another trial, I am going to make my debut with Ricky, my 1 year old Jake pup. Wayne took Ricky to Missouri with him last weekend where he made it around the course in the Nursery class. It wasn't pretty but the kid showed potential. Jake brought Wayne home a second place showing on the second day of the trial. That placing should secure Jake's place in the National Cattle Dog Finals come May.

BTW, exciting news, the National Cattle Dog Finals will be coming to Iowa next year, May 26th - 29th just outside of Redding, Iowa. We have gone from dreams of someday making it to the Finals to pushing to get qualified so that we can attend Finals in just 9 months. Jake and Wayne in Open and Ricky in Nursery, I'm not sure as of yet if I will run him or allow someone with more handling time then myself. I really would like the youngster to have every advantage, and me at the helm may just well be a huge disadvantage.

Another highlight was the Iowa State Fair, Wayne and Jake shoulda, coulda, woulda won Champion Open Cattledog but ended up settleing for Reserve Champion Cattledog. Everything looked great, the team appeared to be unbeatable right up to the pen, and then...a cow that Jake really wanted to whoop on earlier in the course decided that it was not going to go in the pen. They ended up timing out before getting the pen complete, but they had outscored everyone on the outrun, lift and fetch with no else getting the Pen except the team of Bob Johnson and Ruby allowing Wayne and Jake to hold strong in 2nd.