Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tony McCallum

Indy, sire to Wynnona

We were paid a visit in December by Tony McCallum, the cattledog breeder and trainer from Australia. One of the purposes for his visit was to see our Australian Cattle Dogs for himself. While here he worked with Tough for a few minutes, he was able to get Tough to produce a quality of work far beyond our imaginations.

Tony has given us some ideas and suggestions in regard to the future of our Australian Cattle Dog program which will include a bit of outcrossing in an effort to push back the dingo traits, that he feels our dogs are showing to strongly. It was kinda satisfying to hear Tony refer to our dogs as the "Old Blue Dogs" and that he was pleasently surpirised to see what saw. Have no misunderstanding, we have a long way to go with the breeding program, but now we feel like we have a vision of the path that we need to take to get to our goal, which is a quality working cattledog.

With any luck your first pups that will hopefully start us down that path will be here by the end of February, Wynonna appears to have settled, but we are not getting our hopes too high.

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